Cat Food and Treats


AATU 80/20 complete Cat Food


Chicken 200g 

Duck 200g

Salmon and Herring 200g


Chicken 1kg

Duck 1kg

Salmon and Herring 1kg


Chicken 3kg


Salmon and Herring

Lilys Kitchen

200g and 800g 

Chicken Complete Dry Food

Fish Complete Dry Food 

Mature Complete Dry Food


Wet Food

100g tray

Hunter Hotpot

Catch of The Day

Lamb Casserole

Poultry Pie

Mature Chicken


100g Tray

Organic chicken

Organic Fish

Organic Beef







Wet Tins 1900g x 6 cans



Original Cat Food 1.5kg

Original Cat Food 10kg

Natures Menu

Country Hunter Pouches

Multipack 12x85g: 


Individual boxes 6x185

Flavours- Turkey and Rabbit, Chicken and Goose, Duck and Pheasant, and Free Range Chicken 


Adult Original Pouches

Multipack 12x 100g


Individual Boxes 12x 100g

Flavours: Salmon and Tuna,Chicken and Turkey, Beef and Chicken

Kitten and Senior


Frozen Complete

Multipack Cat Nuggets 6x400g 


Individual Boxes 1x400g

Flavours: Chicken and Duck, Chicken and Rabbit, and Chicken and Salmon

Cat Treats

Natures Menu

Natures Menu

Salmon and Trout £1.69

Chicken and Liver £1.69

Chicken and Turkey £1.69


Country Hunter:

Chicken and Rabbit £3.25

Chicken and Duck

Pet Munchies

Pet Munchies

Gourmet Fish Fillet Cat Treats 10g £1.39

Gourmet Beef Liver Cat Treats 10g £1.39

Gourmet Chicken Liver 10g £1.39

Lilys Kitchen

M'Hearties Fishy Treats 34g £5.95


M'Hearties Fish Treat Refills 50g £5.49


Salmon and Tuna




Chicken and Duck


Salmon and Cheese


Beef and Cheese



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